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How BFC Helps You Cope With Disability
[2] The Power of Synergy in Action:
Synergy in action: A gentleman helps a lady with her coat. The synergistic potential of this simple interaction is the future growth (or enhancement) of their relationship.
"Synergy" pronunciation guide.
Synergy is the enhanced results of interaction between two or more people, groups, or organizations, such that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. Or 1+1>2.
Synergy has theological origins as a term describing cooperation of human effort with divine will. It comes from the Greek words synergia (cooperation) and sunergos (working together).
In modern theories of both marketing and consumerism, synergy is an essential objective in business transactions.
Example: Cooperative interaction between consumers and business within a particular society or community creates a synergistic increase for both groups: For Business, this means increased sales and profits. For Consumers, this means their "quality of life" is improved.
The synergistic increase realized by these two groups also continues to build a synergy of increased prosperity for their surrounding community or society.
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We provide a unique service, of substantial benefit to consumers who are disabled, and to those retail businesses and professionals who serve them:
  • BarrierFreeChoices functions as a synergistic catalyst that helps disabled consumers to quickly and easily locate necessary or desired products and services in a safe, convenient barrier-free environment.
  • Disabled consumers improve their own quality of life and help to ensure the economic survival of the providers who serve them best by choosing, wherever possible, to do business only with those businesses and professional service providers that are willing and able to accommodate their special needs, .
  • Those merchants and professionals increase their profits and help to improve the quality of life for those disabled customers with whom they do business by choosing to make that special effort to accommodate their disabled customers.
  • When individual members of a community are able to maximize their potential by making effective choices in their lives, the entire community benefits.
  • When those businesses that serve their customers well are able to thrive and prosper, the entire community benefits.

This is the power of Synergy in action – and everybody wins!

And you can be sure of the following facts about each and every barrier-free resource you find displayed in our search pages:

  • They are truly barrier-free (or mostly barrier-free, with exceptions noted), and their barrier-free status has been personally confirmed by a member of our Staff;
  • They are sensitive to the special needs of their customers, clients or patients with disabilities, and committed to meeting those needs wherever possible; and
  • They welcome and sincerely appreciate your business. And they deserve it.

Please patronize the barrier-free retailers and service providers you find listed here.

And check back with us often. Life is better when you can make all of your choices barrier-free.

If you have disabled friends or family members who could benefit from our Information Service, please be sure to let them know about us. They will thank you for it. And so do we.

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