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How BFC Helps You Cope With Disability
Caption: We connect disabled consumers with merchants and professionals who can meet their special needs. Illustration: A couple visit their doctor.

[1] How BFC helps you cope, and
how you can help us help others ..

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 23% of the U.S. population have a "disability severe enough to impair their mobility" in 2013. 23% of the population is a substantial target market for any business or professional practice.

Here's how our Information Service works:

We gather information on accessible places to go Our staff members contact local businesses and professional offices in response to consumer requests from users of our Service.

Following a preliminary interview with a member of management at each facility we contact, to determine their basic physical accessibility, we administer a brief questionnaire that goes a little beyond the basic requirements of the ADA.

In addition to confirming their barrier-free status, we also evaluate their attitude toward their disabled customers, patients or clients. Those facilities that meet our standards for accessibility and attitude are invited to register with our Information Service.

Our Service is FREE and ANONYMOUS for those who use it (i.e., Americans with disabilities).

Our operating costs are funded by modest registration fees (advertising) from those barrier-free businesses and professional practices that have consistently shown their commitment to serving their disabled customers, patients and clients.

Detailed consumer information provided by each registered facility is made freely available on our Information Service for public reference.

Want to help us help the disabled community? Spread the word! If you know someone who has a disability and might benefit from the services we provide, tell them about us.

If you have your own website, you can also download graphics here that you can place on your own website. It's quick and easy, just a small snippet of code you can paste into one of your web pages wherever you want. It will display our graphic on your page and provides a link back to the main Barrier Free Choices homepage. There are several you can choose from, in different color combinations. (Thanks for the help!) Here's an example: - Accessible shopping, dining, and more choices for daily living in your community. Check us out.

The service we provide helps to create a SYNERGY between disabled consumers and those businesses and professional service providers willing and able to meet their special needs.

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