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If you can cope with life's challenges, you're NOT "disabled" ...
We're about Living Life to the Fullest despite one's disability.

Live Beyond Your "Disabilities" with BFC!
Illustration: A BFC Staff Member, leaning on two large globes, participating in a serious discussion of disability issues.
So you might have to think about (or re-learn)
a few things others may take for granted ...
That's no big deal – here's how you can do it:
Coping Strategies:
Beyond the Illusion of "Disability"
The Challenge of Coping With Change
Reliable Information = Empowerment
Better Living with BFC:
How BFC Works to Help You Cope
The Power of Synergy In Action
Asking the Right Questions
We Know Disability Issues, BUT ...

We each cope with our own disabilities every day.
BarrierFreeChoices ... in YOUR Neighborhood!

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