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Reliable Information Empowers You!

Illustration: A BFC Staff Member interviews a business owner to determine whether that particular business is truly accessible, and qualified to register with BFC.
Whatever the nature or extent of your particular disability, you can live a better life and get more accomplished IF you can go about most of your activities in a venue (or environment) that is truly barrier-free FOR YOU, or find alternative means for achieving the same end goals within the scope of your abilities. We can help you with that.

A member of our Staff personally interviews the owner or manager of each facility considered for registration with our Service, to confirm the barrier-free status of that facility, and to collect accurate consumer information when possible about those facilities which are barrier-free.

Although this process may be time-consuming and labor-intensive, we feel it is absolutely vital for users of our Service to have adequate information to make intelligent decisions as informed consumers (disabled or otherwise).

This approach is the only effective way that we can be reasonably sure that a particular facility is really barrier-free, and to what degree – and whether it will be likely to meet your specific needs.

Although many of those who own or manage retail businesses and professional offices may have a general idea of what the law requires them to do, they are not necessarily all that familiar with disability issues themselves, and may not understand what would be sufficiently "barrier-free" to a particular customer, patient or client who has a disability.

There are substantial differences as to both nature and degree of each individual's disability among those within that 22% of the population defined as "disabled" by the government.

And there are large numbers of people in America who also have mobility challenges, and who are not defined as "disabled" by the government.

For example, PARENTS OF SMALL CHILDREN often use our Service, because getting around with a child in a stroller is about like getting around with someone in a wheelchair.

Consequently, there are no easy "one-size-fits-all" answers.

Getting into a place that has a high curb or a few steps at the entrance might be only a minor inconvenience to someone using a cane, and no inconvenience at all to someone with a hearing impairment ... but an absolute impossibility to another person using a wheelchair.

So whether or not a particular facility would be considered "accessible" might depend on who is asking the questions, whom they ask ... and what they ask.

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